Tuesday, 13 April 2010

[FOTD] MAC Stacked #1! Look #1

I've recently fell again for MAC and its collections, the Spring Forecast being no exception, and neither my fascination with pigments. Hence this look, based on the Stacked 1! pigments from the Spring Forecast 1 collection by MAC, the pinkish one.

With all this Pink extravaganza at my disposal, I ended up playing around making this very night-like (I dare you go out in the sun in it) look, with cat-like eyes and the triumph of glitters that these pigments leave around.

(click on the picture to see the much bigger version)

Ok, this is actually easier than you can possibly guess.
I used only 2 of the 4 colours in the MAC Stacked 1! set, the Lilac and Dark Purple.
I started with a black creamy base provided by a MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin all over the eyelid, on which I packed the Purple first in the outer half of the eye with an angled brush (so that I could achieve the cat-like-ness). And I packed and packed and packed colour until it looked like this, which honestly, did not take much, they are just SO pigmented! I literally just had to take some powder from the cap lid of the case, and that was enough!
I then started with the Lilac on the inner corner, put in place by tapping with a MAC #239. Same goes as for the purple, minimal quantities needed.
Cherry on top, was taking a blending brush (like a MAC #217) and blend the colours in the crease so that it could look softer and... ta-daa! done!

I love love love these colours... don't you?