Saturday, 6 March 2010

[REVIEW] Barry M Nail Paint

Ok, so, first review, actually not on something I am usually that much of an expert on but I will tell you what I experienced. To make a long story short? Barry M? not so good on nail lacquers, actually, not good at all.

They retail for £2.95 each, I bought 3 different sparkling shades, all incredible disappointments. Even with 3 coats, the result was horrible, so much so they cannot be worn together, but probably only as a top coat over a previous nail polish (in which case, I'd advice on a matte one, as all these one I am gonna post pictures of, are glittery ones)

here goes the horrible result...

287 Acqua Blue

151 Electric Blue Glitter - I got this believing it could've been some sort of substitute for Chanel's "Ciel de Nuit". How wrong was I...

289 Gold - same as above, I wanted to believe I could get the same effect as the then already sold out Chanel's Gold Facettes

Verdict: so so wrong...

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