Sunday, 21 March 2010

[LOOK] Pin-Up Eyeliner and Blue-Teal-Green

A month or so ago I became obsessive about Japanese eyeshadow palettes, cause it turned out, what I though of as groundbreaking, when Dior launched its 5 Couleurs Designer palettes, was actually what Japanese eyeshadow palettes had always ben about.
Both the Dior Designer Colour palettes and most Majolica Majorca, Kanebo and such Japanese drugstore brands do work in fact on monochromes shades of the same base colour, which in the colourful mess I found myself into sometimes here in the old continent , were some sort of fresh breath of air. And as in that same old continend we weren't blessed with the Green Design version of said Dior 5 Couleurs Designer palette 408, which is an Asia-only exclusive, I started to be on the lookout for substitutes. One of the best options I ran into was the Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in GN-1, which is basically a monochrome around aqua-greens

(Dior 5 Couleurs Designer 408 Green Design)

(Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GN-1)

After getting my hands on the Kate Diamond Cut palette, I tried my hand at a very simple look, which was actually based around a cat-like/pin-up eyeliner. I wanted something dark to soften the difference between the liner and the lid, but instead of a simple black for smokey, I went for the dark teal/bluish-green which is the shadow colour of the Kate Diamond Cut GN-1 palette (the one on the bottom right). Along the same lines, instead of a white highlight point at the tear dot I went for the light green hue of the same palette (the one on the bottom left), and basically, these were the main thing that brought me to this look.

(click on the picture to see the much bigger version)

Ok now, onto the boring bit of how I achieved this...

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid and just below the brows
  • Kate Diamond Cut GN-1 white colour base (top-right) all over the eyelid with a large blending brush (I used a Dior Backstage Make-up "Eyeshadow Brush-Large")
  • Kate Diamond Cut GN-1 dark shadow colour (bottom right) over the external 2/3 of the upper lash line and 1/3 of the bottom lash line, tapped with a small short-haired brush (I used Sephora Professionnel #14) and the smudged with a pencil brush (I used Mac #219 then Mac #217)
  • Kate Diamond Cut GN-1 green colour (bottom left) on he inner corner just outside the tear dot blended with a pencil brush (I used MAC #219 again)
  • Kate Diamond Cut GN-1 silver highlight (right half of the round highlighter at the top-left) over the green in the inner corner with a pencil brush (still MAC #219) and under the brow with a large blending brush (again a Dior Backstage Make-up "Eyeshadow Brush-Large")
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack drawn with a small angled brush (I used a MAC #266 brush). I usually start from the outside and come to cover the external 2/3 of the upper lash line, making it thicker on the outer side.

and that's it, done :)

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